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Regencycore: A Twist on Regency Era Interior Design to Get the Bridgerton Aesthetic

Updated: 7 days ago

Learn how to get the Bridgerton Aesthetic by including Regencycore ideas into your home decor. Regency Era interior design but with a modern twist. Your home can look just as beautiful as the Bridgerton house, read below to find out how!

Dearest Gentle Reader,

It has come to this authors attention that there is a new home decor trend causing quite a stir. Even the most esteemed members of the ton can't help but love this swoon worthy look. But what exactly is it? Do not worry dear reader, for I will get to the bottom of it!

If you read that last paragraph in Lady Whistledown's voice then this post is for you! We are so excited to talk about the Regencycore trend, otherwise known as the Bridgerton aesthetic, made popular by Netflix hit series Bridgerton. But what is Regencycore and more importantly, how can you incorporate it into your own home? If you love the look of the Bridgerton house, keep reading!

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A light blue room with tall ceilings, a crystal chandelier, a large gold framed mirror, and blue tufted regency era loveseats.

Bridgerton fans have been captivated not only by the romantic drama, the clothing, or Queen Charlottes incredible wigs, but also by the sumptuous Regency era interior design depicted throughout the show. From the beautiful ballrooms to the elegant Bridgerton house drawing room, the Regency era interior design showcased in Bridgerton has sparked a resurgence of interest in the timeless elegance of this historical period.

The Regency era, spanning from 1811 to 1820 and marked by the reign of King George IV, saw a revival of classical aesthetics influenced by ancient Greek and Roman design principles. Key aspects of Regency era decor included light colors, neoclassical motifs, elegant furnishings, and a focus on symmetry and balance. While traditional regency era interior design depicted in the Bridgerton house might feel a bit out of place in today's world, its style is easy enough to incorporate in modern decor to achieve the Bridgerton aesthetic.

A green Regency era living room with a large gold and crystal chandelier, a large gold framed painting, and green tufted regency era sofas.

Enter Regencycore – a modern twist on Regency era decor that allows us to bring the Bridgerton aesthetic into our own homes. Regencycore takes inspiration from the Regency era but adds a contemporary twist. While staying true to the core elements of Regency decor, Regencycore allows for more flexibility and creativity in interpretation.

For those looking to recreate the enchanting ambiance of the Bridgerton house in their own homes, or find inspiration for a Bridgerton party, we've put together some guidelines to follow.

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Regency Era bedroom with a canopy bed and gold and crystal chandelier.

Recreating the Regencycore Look:

1. Embrace Light and Airy Spaces: Opt for light-colored walls and upholstery to create a sense of openness and airiness reminiscent of Regency interiors. Bright yellow, Pea green, celestial blue, and blush pinks defined interiors in the Regency Era. Think of the Bridgerton house and all the shades of light blues. Or the Featherington residence and their bright greens and yellows. These light colors not only enhance the space, but they serve as a backdrop for showcasing the intricate details of neoclassical furnishings and decorative elements.

2. Incorporate Classical Motifs: Introduce neoclassical elements such as columns, pilasters, and medallions into your decor to evoke the grandeur of the Regency era. The Bridgerton sets are full of column pillars with footed bowls full of big florals or neoclassical sculptural busts. Caesar, Apollo, or Venus were prized possessions of the regency era interior design. You can add gold medallions on the walls or if you want a more subtle look, gold ornate picture frames will do.

3. Choose Elegant Furnishings: Select furniture with graceful curves to capture the sophistication of Regency style. Curved headboards for beds or curved legs on living and dining room furniture adds to the sophistication of regency era interior design. Furniture shouldn't be too ornamental, but you can opt for a simple stripe pattern or a luxurious fabric like velvet. A chaise lounge with a curved side and back serves as a modern "fainting couch", popular in the regency era.

4. Add Luxurious Fabrics: Incorporate sumptuous fabrics like silk, velvet, and satin for draperies, curtains, and upholstery to infuse your space with a touch of opulence. Fringe on the drapes? YES! Canopy beds? YES! There are tons of ways to add luxurious fabrics to your home to give it the opulent regency era interior design look. Lace and Brocade were also used heavily in the regency era. Check out our Bridgerton collection to see a selection of luxurious draperies, valences and all!

An advertisement with a blue floral print that will take you to a shopping page for Bridgerton style home decor

5. Patterns and Prints Galore: Damask and bold florals are a must! Mixing prints and colors is fine but don't go overboard or it can turn out tacky. The Bridgerton's morning room featured a light lilac damask wall print and the furniture had the same print but in a bold light blue hue. The other side of the room included a damask pattern on the walls in a beige and blue, but the settee's had a stripe pattern in the same color scheme. Different color, same print; same color different print- an easy way to try out some color and pattern mixing.

6. Include Gilded Accents: Incorporate gold leaf accents on mirrors, frames, and decorative objects to add a hint of glamour and luxury to your Regencycore space. As Lady Featherington said, "We wish to be gilded". Gold accents like picture frames or vases are easy to incorporate in your everyday decor. Look for wood furniture that has gold inlay designs. Gilded decorative objects such as figurines, vases or, clocks were often displayed on mantels or side tables. Even and ceiling medallions were gilded to highlight their intricate details. Check out our Bridgerton collection for easy stick on gold moulding to create your own wall moulding boxes.

7. Pay Attention to Detail: Incorporate decorative elements such as chandeliers, candelabras, and fine art to elevate the elegance of your Regencycore decor. Gold and crystal chandeliers are a must for every room. Candelabras on tables, mantles, or tall floor candelabras. Bronze candle wall sconces were in almost every room of the Bridgerton sets, and these are easy to find still today. Regency era art usually depicted landscapes, portraits, or historical events. They were typically housed in ornate and gilded frames and served as focal points of a room. These types of artwork and gold frames are very easy to find in modern day decor.

Blending historical elegance and modern flair, Regencycore offers a captivating way to bring the enchanting world of Bridgerton into our own homes. Embracing the timeless charm of the Regency era interior design and infusing it with contemporary touches can create spaces that are as stylish and sophisticated as they are inviting and romantic. We hope you learned ways to incorporate Regencycore, or the Bridgerton aesthetic, into your own home. Or maybe just found some inspirations for your Bridgerton themed party.

Don't miss out on our curated Bridgerton home decor collection HERE to find everything you need to bring the Bridgerton aesthetic to your space.

So, dear reader, I bid you adieu, until we meet again.

Yours Truly,

Lady WeekendWhatnots


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