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10 Affordable Home Decor Alternatives to Pottery Barn's Luxury Look

Updated: May 5

A kitchen island with a butcher block top that has a large terracotta vase on it with olive branches in ti.

Pottery Barn is renowned for its beautiful home decor that seamlessly blends elegance and sophistication. While it is undeniably beautiful, the price point often reflects the use of higher-end materials and a commitment to craftsmanship. The brand takes pride in employing quality materials, ensuring that each piece not only serves a functional purpose but also stands as a testament to enduring style.

While we admire Pottery Barn's commitment to excellence, we're broke! As much as we drool over their $200 vases, the truth is it's not in the budget. So we have to get creative to find affordable home decor! Some turn to DIYs to make their own versions of Pottery Barn decor pieces. Others scour the internet for decor pieces that have the look of Pottery Barn decor but for a much lower price.

So we took some time to browse Pottery Barn's bestsellers and searched the internet for similar more affordable home decor options. Some items are made of a different material or they might not be the exact same color as the Pottery Barn version, but they have the same overall elegant look. We hope you find the perfect piece for your home!

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A cozy living room area with a large white L-shaped couch and a natural wood coffee table.

Weathered Terracotta Vases

Weathered Terracotta vases are all the rage at Pottery Barn right now. They come in several different colors ranging from bold blue hues, warm earth tones, and stark white. The above and below items were our favorite finds that look similar to several vases on the Pottery Barn website right now.

Outdoor Throw Pillow

Pottery Barn knows how to make your outdoor space feel like an extention of your living space. They extend the same luxurious look to outdoor decor as they do interior decor. For example their beautiful selcetion of outdoor throw pillows. While they certainly have lovely floral and coral print throw pillows, its their classic striped print pillows that shine. This timeless look will cost you though. Most Pottery Barn outdoor pillows start around $40 each. OR you could get the same look with the below striped pillow covers from Amazon for a fraction of that cost. Save your money for more summer fun!


Pottery Barn has amazing bedding in beautiful patterns to create a serene bedroom space. For instance the Sloan Voile reversible quilt comes in 2 soft hues and its reversible so you can change up the look of your bedroom without having to buy new bedding. $250 for a quilt, however, does not bring us peace and serenity. So we found the below reversible quilt and pillow sham set on Amazon for an amazing bargain! This quilt has rave reviews and high star rating. It also comes in 3 colors.

Throw Pillows

Pottery Barn's Inyo embroidered pillow is a luxurious pillow that adds detail and texture to any room. The bold floral pattern can be paired with neutrals to add an easy pop of pattern in any room. The only problem is, a pillow cover alone will cost you around $80! You can get the same look with the below floral block print pillow covers from Amazon for a steal!


Pottery Barn's Laurine Candelabra has a very striking look. This rustic iron candelabra has a hand-forged feel that catches light beautifully. I'm just not sure it catches $129 woth of beautiful light. Instead you can find a similar looking candelabra on Amazon for around half the price. The Amazon candelabra comes in an antique brass finish instead of black, but if you really prefer black adding the cost of a can of spray paint will still have you in the black.


Pottery Barn has some truly striking dinnerware. Bold colors and patterns set on textured rattan placemats create a truly stunning table setting. We love the look of the Puebla stoneware dining set, but at $200 for service for 4, it's a bit out of our budget. To create a similar look, we found the below 24 piece porcelain dinnerware set. It is close in price to the Pottery Barn Puebla, but you get service for 6 instead of 4. If this price point is still too high, you could opt for the second picture below which is a melamine set. It's much more affordable and great for outdoor dining!

An advertisement for a home decor shopping page showing a fireplace mantle with books and flowers in a vase

Outdoor Lanterns

Pottery Barn's Careyes Handwoven Outdoor Lantern are handwover polyrattan over an iron frame. Its a beautiful almost birdcage looking lantern that adds an elegant touch to any indoor or outdoor decor. The only probelm is that even the smallest size of this lantern costs around $60! Instead check out the below lantern on Amazon. This Metal and glass lantern has the same look but for way less! You can get a 12 inch and a 16 inch lantern for around the same price as one pottery barn lantern.


Pottery barn has beautiful indoor and outdoor planter options. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail,their planters boast durabilityand elegance. Unfortunately, they also boast a price tag of around $400. To get a similar look for a WAY lower price tag, check out this fiber resin planter on Amazon. It has the same aged weathered look as the pottery barn planters but is more lightweight and it's made from sustainable materials, contributing to environmental conservation! You're faux olive tree is going to look fantastic in this planter (See below)!

Olive Tree

For a while there it felt like Eucalyptus would stay the most popular greenery decor forever. However, we see a new trend emerging on the Pottery Barn website, Olive trees. They have several options of faux olive branches to add to your weathered terracotta vases or you can even buy a faux olive tree. A 6.5' faux olive tree will run about $199 on Pottery Barn's website. The below 6' faux olive tree on Amazon is for less than half!

Colorful Vase

Pottery Barn is leaning into the summer blues! Their handcrafted ceramic and terracotta vases have previously come in a deep indigo color, but for summer they are bringing bright blue into the mix. New on the site is the Chambray Artisan Handcrafted Ceramic Vases. These pastel blue vases are sure to brighten up any space, If you have $40-$60 to spend on a vase. Or you can choose from the below much more affordable options on Amazon to get the same look in your home!

An advertisement for a home decor shopping page that shows a vase and a lined wicker basket

Woven Basket Wall Art

Boho home decor is very popular right now. So it's no surprise the 3 piece Sunny Handwoven Basket Wall Art is a bestseller on Pottery Barn's website. "An airy art piece that adds timeless texture wherever it's hung" is the perfect description for this decor from the Pottery Barn website. But what if I told you you didn't have to pay the $500 Pottery Barn is charging to get the same look and feel in your own home? You can get the below set of 3 woven seagrass basket wall decor pieces on Amazon for WAY less than that!

Bathroom Accessories

Pottery Barn has numerous beautiful options for countertop bathroom accessories. They come in all sorts of natural and manmade materials but our favorites are the raffia and handwoven rattan sets. These sets add texture to bathroom decor with their woven patterns. The cheapest items in each set will still run around $30... for just one item. The below set from amazon is around that price, but it includes a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, mouthwash cup, and a tray. This set also comes in black and a travertine stone look.

Floral Throw Pillows

Decorating with throw pillows is an easy and versatile way to enhance the aesthetic of a space. Pottery Barn has several throw pillows that landed on their bestseller list, but the one that caught our eye was the Zea Embroidered Lumbar Pillow. Delicate florals paired with warm neutral tones create a beautiful relaxing and refined look. This pillow has a striking and unique look so it was surprising to find something so similar on Amazon for a much better price. The below spring pillow covers are not embroidered, but this beautifully printed pillow cover will cost you far less for a set of 2 compared to the $76 you would spend for 1 at Pottery Barn!

Round Wall Mirrors

Round wall mirrors gained popularity a few years ago and this trend is still going strong. Mirrors are great to help enhance natural light, make spaces appear larger, and serve as stylish focal points. A black-rimmed round mirror from Pottery Barn can run around $400-$700, but there is no need to spend that much for this home decor staple. The below mirror 39" black round mirror comes in at less than HALF the cost!

Pillar Candle Holder

Pillar candle holders can serve as a great table centerpiece or even mantle and shelf decor. The Pottery Barn woven rattan and glass hurricane candle holder lends a tropical mood to your space. The small size candle holder from Pottery Barn is around $70. However, you can get the same costal feel from the below 2 piece candle holder set on Amazon for way less!

Woven Tray

Woven baskets are a very versatile decor piece. They are perfect for coffee tables or countertops. Adding a few small decor pieces, books, or candles completes the look. You can find a beautiful 18" hand-woven rattan oval tray on Pottery Barn's website, but it will cost you $120. Instead check out the below 17" oval woven rattan tray for a steal!

Pillar Candle Holder Set

The Booker Pillar candle holders from Pottery Barn are an elegant way to add pillar candles to your decor. The tapered candle base leads to a round pedestal adding height and interest to any table or mantle display. The Booker Pillar Candle holders come in a brass and bronze finish and EACH candle holder runs from $30-$40. The below 3-piece Pillar candle holder SET gives you the same look for less!

We hope you found some amazing home decor pieces to create that elegant Pottery Barn look in your own home. And saved some money in the process! Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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