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DIY Upcycle Crock pot to Drink Cooler

Updated: Apr 5

We came up with a fun upcycle idea to turn an old crock pot into a drink cooler. Check out how we did it below!

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This drink cooler is perfect for parties and events. You can use it for soft drinks, beers or even to chill a bottle of wine or champagne.

We started by completely taking apart the crock pot and removing all the electrical elements. We did not re-use the actual crock for this upcycle. Mainly because I don't know where it is. Yea....No idea how you even lose that, but I did. So you can use the crock for this project and give it some added insulation. Or you can reuse the crock another way and leave it out of this project like we did.

The next step was to give the base and handles a coat of white paint. I started with chalk paint but ended up using flat white spray paint to finish these pieces.

Then, we took the outside cylinder and covered it in peel and stick wallpaper with a cute pattern we found on Amazon! Its made from a good quality thick vinyl. Its waterproof and easy to clean which is a must for a project like this where the end product will around food and drink and likely spills! There is still plenty wallpaper left to use on other crafts so I'm sure we will find somethinelse to do with this adorable print wallpaper.

The link for the wall paper is below!

Make sure you cut slits on the edges of the wallpaper as you are folding it over the edges. This will make sure it doesn't create bubbles, creases or folds in your wallpaper.

Clean the inside tub portion with soap and water. There were some holes in the bottom of the tub so I covered those with some globs of hot glue.

Now it's time to re attach the handles. Poke holes in the wall paper where the handles go and re attach them.

Next we reattached the outside cylinder and the inside tub. To make sure this cooler was insulated really well, we sprayed some insulation foam in the space between the outside cylinder and inside tub. Be sure to follow the spray foam instructions. It does expand after spraying so you don't want to use too much. However, you can simply cut off the excess after it dries.

Finally, re attach the base of the crock pot and you are all done! I'm very happy with how this project came out. I can't wait to use at our next gathering with family and friends. Have other ideas to reuse crock pot parts? Let us know in the comments below!


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