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DIY Farmhouse Window Frame Decor

Easy DIY Farmhouse style window frame decor. See instructions below.

Start with an inexpensive frame. Thrift stores are a great place to find frames like this pretty cheap. It doesn't need to be heavy or super duty. This one was plastic and lightweight.

Next, measure the opening width and length and decide how many panes you want inside your main window frame.

Home Depot sells square dowels in different lengths and thicknesses that work great for the inside panes. We picked up 3 for $1.50 a piece. Cut the dowels to size. The dowels we used were very thin so a hand saw was all we needed to cut them down.

We used one dowel to run the width of the frame. We notched the back of that dowel where it would intersect with the dowels that would run the length. This makes sure the inside pieces are flush. We connected the intersecting dowels with wood glue.

Once the inside dowels were secure, we connected them to the outside frame with hot glue.

Then it's time for a coat of paint in the color of your choice.

Store bought versions of this window frame decor can run from $40-$60. Thanks to a friend gifting us the frame and only having to buy the dowels, this project cost us $6!


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