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Dollar Store Pumpkin Decor Craft

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Try out this Dollar tree fall decor craft to create a neutral boho chic Halloween or fall pumpkin decor piece. The chenille yarn creates a cozy feel to warm up those chilly autumn days. This craft is easy to do with just a few items you probably have on hand!

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I love these dollar tree tinsel decor items. Not as they are, but just as a starting point for projects. For every season Dollar Tree has at least one themed tinsel decor in a fun shape. They are always a $1 item and not one of the higher-priced items. It’s easy to remove the tinsel and re-wrap it in something that makes it more fitting with the rest of my home decor. We recently did one of these for Easter and it came out adorable. Check out that post pinned below!

Although this looks more like fall decor, it can be used for a neutral Halloween look. Using a neutral color palette for Halloween decor offers a fresh and stylish twist on the traditional spooky theme. Embracing this boho-chic approach brings several benefits.

First, it creates an elegant and sophisticated ambiance, departing from the typical garish colors. Neutrals like creams, grays, and whites exude a timeless charm that complements the season's festivities. Moreover, a neutral Halloween decor allows for versatility, seamlessly blending with existing interior design elements. This subtler aesthetic lends itself to more extended use beyond the holiday, making it a sustainable and cost-effective choice.

Overall, a neutral palette for Halloween decor strikes a balance between spooky and chic, offering an alluring and understated atmosphere. We did a neutral color palette Halloween theme this year and shared our fireplace decor on the blog. Check out the pinned post below.

Items needed:

Dollar Store tinsel pumpkin decor

Chenille yarn

Dollar Tree wired jute

White paint

Hot glue gun


Fake flowers


Start by removing the tinsel. You can save the tinsel for crafting another project.

Next, you will want to paint the frame in a color close to the yarn color you will be using. My yarn was cream colored so I did a quick spray paint with a flat white since that’s what I had on hand.

Once the paint is dried it’s time to start threading the yarn. I used a cream colored chenille yarn I had from another project. Dollar tree also sells chenille yarn at some locations. Don’t feel like hunting craft stores for a chenille yarn? Just order some from Amazon! Check out the link below for a cream colored chenille yarn that looks close to the one we used.

I started at the top and tied the yarn in a knot close the the base of the pumpkin stem.

Then I weaved it from side to side only around the outside hooks. After I had about ten lines wrapped on the outside, I went back and secured them under the center hooks as well. Continue this until you reach the bottom. Once I reached the bottom I pulled the thread through the back of the frame and tied it off.

Now it’s time to cover the stem. You will need to remove the side nubs from the stem. They can be easily removed with a pair of scissors. Once the stem has been cleaned up, you will wrap the wired jute around the stem starting at the base. A dab of hot glue every few rows will help to keep it in place as you move along. Finish it off by wrapping it to the back side of the frame and securing it with hot glue.

Finally, it’s time to add your decorative items. I had some old faux flowers in a cream color I hot glued into place and then I took some more of the wires jute to make curly vines coming off the pumpkin stem. The ends of the wires jute may start to unravel, but you can seal them with a bit of hot glue. Just make sure the glue has cooled a bit before you start pinching it with your fingers, so they don’t burn!

All done! For a couple of bucks and an hour or so of your time, you now have this lovely chenille pumpkin decor. By using a neutral color yarn, this pumpkin can be displayed for Halloween and as just fall decor after. Have you tried re-wrapping the Dollar Store tinsel decor? Let us know in the comments below!


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