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How to Make a Stunning Easter Bunny Wreath for Less than $10 with Dollar Tree Items

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Looking for cute DIY easter decor projects that wont break the bank? For less than $10 you can create this adorable Dollar Tree Easter Bunny Wreath! See Instructions below.

Disclaimer: This post contins affiliate links. I make a commision on qualifying purchases made through the links on this page.

Start with this Dollar Tree Easter Bunny wall decor. Dollar Tree sells bunny shaped wreath forms ready to go but fot his project the shape of their tinsel bunny decor worked better.

Remove the fringe from the frame.

Cut off the interior portion of the frame. We used sheers but a pair of sharp scissors will work. The plastic is not that thick.

Use wired jute cord purchased from the Dollar tree and wrap the entire frame. You can use regular twine if you want but as we mentioned before the frame is not a thick plastic so the wired jute helped add stability to the frame. You will need about 5 packs of wired jute from the Dollar tree. Below is a link to this product, but dollar tree does have a minimum quantity for online orders. If you will use this for other products then the minimum quantity might not be bad, but if you only want a few you can usually find this in stores.

Next, hot glue faux florals where the ears meet the head. We found really cute Dahlias at the Dollar Tree that were perfect! We also had some left over greenery from other projects we hot glued behind the florals.

You can hang it by the ribbon already attached to the frame or add a colorful ribbon to it like we did. And there you have it! For less than $10 an adorable Easter Bunny wreath.


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