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DIY Dollar Tree Tray Craft

Updated: Apr 5

This DIY Dollar Tree tray home decor craft came about in a strange way. It wasn't the craft I set out to make, but it turned out to be a cute addition to our coffee area. Keep reading to see how to make your own Dollar Tree Tray.

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You may already know that Dollar Tree sells unfinished wooden trays. However, that's not what was used in this project. I purchased several of these square wood panels to use for another craft, but they didn't end up working for that craft. So I put them to the side until I could find another use for them.

One day when digging through my craft closet, I grabbed one of the wood panels and turned it around and BINGO! I could easily turn this into a tray! You may be asking, "Why? Dollar Tree already sells unfinished trays for crafts" but I can think of at least 3 reasons why the wood panel is better to use than the unfinished wooden trays.

1) It's cheaper! These 12 x 12" wood panels cost $3 a piece. The 10 x 13" unfinished wooden trays cost $5.

2) It's a different size option. It's square instead of rectangle. This could be better for countertops, side tables, or small coffee tables.

3) It has lower sides. Does anyone else have trouble styling deep trays with high sides, or is it just me? I feel like they always swallow my decor pieces. Using this wood panel as a tray defines a separate space for things, but small decor pieces can still be seen since the sides are low.

Ok now onto making it. First, you will need a wood panel from the dollar tree. you will also need some peel and stick wallpaper or contact paper. Dollar Tree sells peel and stick wallpaper panels like this blue damask one I used in this project. Finally, you will need paint, if you want to paint it. You can also just leave the natural wood color.

We gave the tray a quick coat of paint with some white chalk paint we had left over from other projects.

Then, we cut the peel and stick wallpaper to size so it would fit inside the tray. After the paint dried we stuck the the wallpaper in the tray and smoothed out any bubbles.

All done! You could also add handles to the sides if you like. Without handles this project cost a whopping $6!

We used this tray to corral some of our coffee supplies. It could also be used as a table centerpiece, a bathroom or kitchen tray to hold soaps and towels, or on your coffee table to hold remotes.

What would you use this adorable tray for? Let us know!


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