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Crafting a Beautiful Easter Garland with Dollar Tree Finds

Updated: Feb 17

Looking to bring cheerful spring decor to your home? Check out this easy DIY Easter craft. This Easter garland can be customized to fit your homes decor style. And best of all, its a dollar tree DIY craft so its super affordable!

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What you need for this craft:

Dollar tree foam eggs (2 different sizes)

Dollar Tree foam bunnies

Craft paint in 3-4 different colors

Paint brush


Foam or cardboard box for drying painted foam pieces

A large needle with a large enough eye to put twine through ($4 on Amazon )

Twine ( can get from amazon as low as $5

Update: Want to skip the painting part of this project? Dollar tree now has these adorable flocked easter egg ornaments that would be perfect for this craft! Order them online and have them shipped directly to your door or pick them up at a store near you.

Start by painting the foam pieces in whatever colors you want. Its easy to paint all sides of the eggs if you stick them on a toothpick. Stick the toothpick in foam board (we had some laying around), a piece of foam, or a cardboard box so the pieces can dry.

We decided to keep the bunnies white, but we gave them a quick spray paint with flat white paint.

Lay out the pieces in the pattern you want so it's not a guessing game as you are threading the garland.

Thread the large needle with twine. We didn't cut our twine off of the spool until we had all the pieces threaded just so we could make sure we had enough twine for the spacing we liked once all pieces were on the twine.

Start threading the needle through the foam pieces. They can get pretty dense in the center so you may need a thimble or something to help you push or pull the needle through. I used pliers to help me pull the needle through once it poked out the other side.

After all the pieces are threaded bring it to the fireplace or wherever you are hanging and decide how much space you want between the pieces. Once you have that decided you can cut the twine at the desired length.

This craft can range from $6-12 (depending on what craft supplies you already have and what you need to buy) and can easily be done over the weekend. Its an easy, inexpensive, and adorable addition to your Easter decor!

Keep scrolling to find the DIY Dollar Tree Easter Bunny Wreath post to see how to make the cute wreath pictured below!


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