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Vampire Restaurant in New Orleans

Dine with the undead. No, we aren’t talking about a cheesy Dracula “I ‘vant to suck your blood” vibe. At Boutique du Vampyre’s Apothecary, located in the historic French Quarter, you are invited into a world of dark elegance that exudes an aura of ancient wisdom and an almost mystical connection to the past. Now open to mortals, you can grab a bite (Ha!) to eat and enjoy deliciously crafted cocktails to cure whatever ails you.

As you enter, you walk into the bar area with its ornate tin ceilings. The wooden shelves are lined with the typical liquor selections, but also include dried herbs and mason jars of mysterious tinctures.

To the right are the two dining rooms. The front dining room has decorative wrought iron doors, Spanish moss draped from the ceiling, and exposed brick walls.

The second dining room, where we dined, features the same exposed brick walls and decorative wrought iron doors, but the ceiling in this room is adorned with bunches of dried flowers.

On the wall was a wooden steak in an “In case of emergency” case. It’s a good reminder that mixing humans and vampires can be dangerous at times, so it’s best to stay on guard. While we were dining we overheard our server talking about hopefully opening upstairs dining rooms as well in the near future.

We started with drinks/cocktails. Our server was incredibly knowledgeable about the local beers on draft, and after his excellent description of the Parish Brewing Black Currant Sour, we were dying to try it. It did not disappoint. We also ordered the Vampire Sazerac, to which our server replied, “I could sense that”. Vampires, of course, posses heighten sense giving them the supernatural ability know what someone will say before they say it.

We decided to split a few appetizers instead of ordering entrees. We ordered a four cheese charcuterie, baked Brie, and two orders of truffle popcorn. The truffle popcorn came out first. I know truffle is usually something people love or they hate, but the truffle flavor was so subtle on this popcorn I think anyone could enjoy it. We were also given small dishes of pickled cucumbers and red onions as a palate cleanser. It was slightly sweet with a subtle spicy kick.

Next we got our charcuterie and baked Brie. The charcuterie included a goat cheese, a blue cheese, a sheep’s milk cheese that was similar to a Parmesan and a creamy spicy cheese. It also included various cured meats, spreads, a selection of seasonal fruits, and crackers. The charcuterie was beautifully presented in a three tier golden birdcage. We enjoyed everything on the charcuterie plate. The baked Brie came with a balsamic drizzle, baked peach slices on top and toasted rosemary ciabatta. Warm, creamy, and delicious!

The theming and decor even continued into the restrooms. The signs on the doors make it known that all creatures are welcome. Beautiful wallpaper panels on black walls and beaded light fixtures exude grandeur you wouldn’t expect in a French Quarter restroom. When leaving the restrooms be sure to also read the hand washing rules for employees for a good laugh.

Boutique du Vampyre’s Apothecary also offers all natural hand crafted teas in collectible tins, fang making services (by appointment), and tarot card reading. They may even have information on a secret vampire speakeasy called potions. The speakeasy is by invitation only and the number of people allowed on is tightly controlled. We did not visit the speakeasy on this trip but some in our party had been previously. They shared the below photos with us.

Overall we loved dining at Apothecary. The theming strikes a perfect balance between vampiric lure and comedic touches. They serve a great selection of local beers and incredibly themed and delicious cocktails. The food was amazing and we will definitely be returning.


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