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Pastel Christmas Decor

Updated: Mar 17

Decorating with pastel colors for Christmas offers a fresh and whimsical twist on traditional holiday decor. Soft shades of green, pink and blue create a uniquely enchanting atmosphere during the festive season. Let your imagination go wild and have fun with it! Below we collected our favorite pastel Christmas decor available on Amazon. Hopefully you find something to spark your imagination and inspire you to try these pastel Christmas decorating ideas!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn a commission from qualifying purchases made through the links in this post.

Ombre Pastel Christmas Tree

Lets start with the main event: the Christmas tree. Check our this sweet ombre pink and white Christmas tree. This tree is perfect if you want to go on the lighter side of pastel to keep it airy and bright. Its slim pencil shape has a modern feel and would be perfect for anyone who has to fit their tree in a smaller space. Since its a faux tree you won't have to worry about watering or sweeping up fallen pine needles. This tree comes unlit so you can add some warm white lights for a romantic feel or add color lights to add more pop!

Pastel Nutcracker Ornaments

You wouldn't dare leave the tree bare when there are adorable pastel nutcracker ornaments like these! These candy colored nutcrackers look sweet enough to eat. These ornaments are perfect to complete a pastel tree, but they can also be used on their own as decor pieces. They are about 5 in. tall so they would work best in small spaces. Try them out on a tiered tray or mix them in an area with a small vignette.

Colorful Throw Pillow Covers

Ho Ho How cute are these throw pillow covers?! Decorating with throw pillows is an easy way to add more pops of color into your living space. These covers mix vintage style prints with bright fun colors. The best part, especially if you have pets or kids, is that these are machine washable. I love the use of pillow covers instead of having to store and change out different pillows for every holiday and season.

Tree Figurines

You can't go wrong with Christmas Tree shaped decor. This set of three resin stone tree figurines is the perfect mint green color to complement a pastel decor palette. The trees also have a frosted glitter finish, but reviewers say it stays on the trees well. These figures can be used as a shelf decor or in a table centerpiece.

Pastel Bottle Brush Trees

Bottle brush trees have become very popular in the last few years. With their rise in popularity also came the rise in the number of colors you could find them in! This set gives a good mix of pastel colors and also has a few darker trees for balance. You could fill an entire mantle or shelf with these mini trees or use them in groups for vignettes or table center pieces. Its an affordable way to add whimsy into your holiday decor.

Pom Pom Stockings

Ok technically these are listed as a kids item (lol) but who cares! Why should kids have all the fun?! These cream colors wool felt stockings with colorful pom poms are a perfect addition to your pastel Christmas decor and so darn cute. Hang these stockings on the mantle or on a staircase railing to instantly uplift the holiday spirit in your home.

Pastel Pampas Wreath

Lets throw in a little boho pastel because, why not?! Mixing decor styles will give so much life to this bright and fun color palette for the holidays. There are no rules here. This pampas wreath is fluffy, airy, and bright. It comes in several different colors so you can choose what one fits best in your pastel color palette. You can add ribbon, ornaments, or just leave it as is. Great for a fireplace mantle centerpiece or festive wall decor.

Pastel Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses in pastel hues adorned with candy accents create a fairy tale winter wonderland. Soft hues of mint green, pale pink, and baby blue come together to make your home feel like a magical confectionary kingdom! I love the look of a china cabined filled with gingerbread houses and bottle brush trees. A collection of gingerbread houses also looks great for mantle or shelf decor. The gingerbread house above is from the brand December Diamonds. They have several adorable gingerbread houses in pastel hues as well as tree and Santa figurines. Check out their collection in the related products on the above listing!

Pastel Kitchen Towels

Don't let the fun stop in the living areas! In the same adorable pattern as the throw pillow covers above, these kitchen towels will bring the fun to the kitchen. Enjoy these sweet kitchen towels while baking up sweet treats for the holidays. Highly absorbent, highly rated and best of all, machine washable!

We hope this list helps you find the perfect pastel Christmas decor items to brighten you holiday season. This palette is such a fun and happy twist on traditional holiday decor. Let us know if you love the pastel Christmas decor look and what decor pieces you love!


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