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Festive DIY Dollar Tree Craft - Christmas Garland Decor Idea

The holiday season is such a magical time. There is something about the tree and the lights and the cold weather that brings feelings of nostalgia and warmth. Decorating your house for Christmas brings that magic home. We are excited to share our DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Garland Decor idea

This craft only took a few items, most of which you can get from Dollar Tree! Wooden craft beads, twine, a large-eye blunt needle, and Christmas bells.

Dollar Tree doesn't sell just a pack of wooden craft beads in a neutral color. I grabbed a wooden bead garland in the store when the Fall/Thanksgiving decor was out and dismantled it to use the wooden beads in this craft. You can grab the below wooden bead garland on Dollar Tree's website for $1.25. There is a quantity minimum of 4 but you will need close to that for this project! And you can use whatever is left over for other home decor.

You can find twine on Dollar Tree's website as well, but the minimum quantity levels are kind of high. It might be okay if you plan on using it for lots of other projects, or you can just go in-store to grab some twine in smaller quantities.

The bells we used were also Dollar Tree ornaments. We put the link for you below, but as of the time we are writing this blog, it is unavailable online. You may be able to snag them in stores. Or find something similar to use. Get creative and put your own spin on it!

Start by cutting a piece of twine to your desired length. The finished length of our three strands were approximately 6", 11", and 18", but we cut the twine pieces longer to begin with so we would have the length to make loops and so we could decide how long we wanted each.

Take one side of your twine and tie it in a loop and knot it several times. Then thread the other end of the twine through a large-eye blunt needle. This makes it super easy to thread the wooden beads onto the twine. Thread the beads until they reach your desired length.

Finally, remove the existing string from the ornament and thread the twine through the top of the bell ornament. Tie it off and you can also secure it with a dab of hot glue.

We attached some clear command hooks to the top of the mantle and just hung the strands on the hook by the loop. We added a few extra strands of twine and weaved it through the garland for a more festive touch.

Thats it! A very easy and inexpensive way to add decor to your Christmas garland. We love the way it came out and it was the perfect piece to complete our Christmas Fireplace Mantle decor. See links below for other items from our mantle.

Additional Items pictured above:

Metal Reindeer Decor

Cypress Garland with Lights (2 used above)

Mini Christmas Tree

Pillar Candle holder (not exact as above but similar)


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