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Coastal Aesthetic- DIY Coastal Decor

Updated: Jun 18

Whether you're looking to add a few coastal decor items for the summer, or you love the coastal aesthetic all year round, this week we are sharing our ideas for affordable DIY coastal decor!

Side table with faux coral decor displayed on a stack of books and on the wall a white palm leaf on a beige canvas

A coastal aesthetic can bring a fresh and luxurious feel to any space. Bright whites and pale blues give rooms an open and airy feel. Furniture and decor featuring natural materials, such as wicker and weathered wood, create a relaxed beachy vibe. Nautical elements like driftwood, seashell collections, and maritime artwork, sybtly enhance the coastal aesthetic.

If you love the coastal aestheitc, the good news is it's very popular so there's no shortage of decor options. The bad news, however, is since it's so popular most coastal decor comes with a high price tag.

But fear not! We've come up with some really creative idea for easy DIY coastal decor crafts anyone can do. With easy to find materials, and some time on your weekend and you will be able to create the coastal aesthetic of your dreams.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. We earn a commission on purchases made through the links on this page.

DIY Coral Decor

Faux coral fish tank decor painted white and displayed on top a stack of books

An easy way to add coastal charm to your room is to add a coral decor piece. Most home decor retailers have coarl decor in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but they range from $30 and up (WAY up). While $30 is not that bad, we wanted to see if we could find a cheaper way to get the look and we tank decor! For less than $20 we got this faux coral fish tank decor piece and painted it white to get the same look as the more expensive ones.

The best part about doing a DIY coral is that you can put your own personal spin on it. Faux coral fish tank decor comes in different shapes and sizes. You can try a finger coral shape or even an elaborate fan coral.

You can also cusomize the paint color. Not a fan of white? Paint it bright pink! Maybe gold would give it a more sophisticated look. Or just leave it as is. Using fish tank decor is an easy and inexpensive way to add coastal charm to you space.

Palm Leaf Artwork

A white colored palm leaf on a beige colored canvas

If you love the look of tropical coastal decor then palm leaves are a must! This DIY coastal decor was inspired by Pottery Barn's long palm leaf shadow box wall art. Their beautiful white palm leaf framed with a sophisticated taupe background can be yours for the low low price of ...$299. Yea, no way! Instead, try our Pottery Barn Dupe version. Below are links to everything you need for this easy craft:

Palm leaves come in all shapes and sizes so start by selecting your favorite style. We went with a 5 pack faux palm leaf pack from Walmart. Although we didn't need 5 leaves for this craft, the price for one leaf was enough to justify the multi-pack, and we figured we could use the rest for more tropical decor.

We started by painting the palm leaf with a brush and using some left over white sample paint we had laying around. After a coat or two we switched to a matte white spray paint to get rid of the brushstrokes. We painted both the front and the back because you will still be able to slightly see the back.

Next was deciding the color for the canvas. You can get creative here too. you could use a khaki color like we did, or maybe a beautiful blue to bring more coastal colors into the room, or you could even wrap the canvas in burlap to add more texture. Decide what fits your decor style and go for it!

After painting the canvas, its time to glue. We started by hot gluing the spine of the palm leaf and hoping it would look ok enough to not have to glue each leaf. Unfortunately, we didn't love the way that looked. Even though we were trying to avoid it, gluing each leaf down wasn't as hard as we thought. Just be gentle when pressing the leaves down as the hot glue starts to melt the faux palm leaf and it can create creases.

Thats it! For less than $50, and a few hours on the weekend, you can create this amazing Pottery Barn Dupe coastal decor piece.

Creating a coastal aesthetic doesn't have to cost a fortune. Just look for alternative ways to creat coastal charm in your space. Hopefully these DIY coastal decor ideas will insipre you to get crafting now! Comment below if you tried one of these crafts and tell us how you made it fit your personal space!


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